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Bob Peele – ONLINE drum lessons

Bob Peele – ONLINE drum lessons

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  • Qualifications: Over 50 years Performing, Over 30 years Teaching with the last 2 years ONLINE.
  • Pricing: $35 per Half Hour Private Lesson ($70 per Hour)
  • Styles: All Styles
  • Suitability: All Ages, Beginners to Advanced Students


So what makes one drum teacher different from another?

Reliability? Commitment? Passion?
Yes, of course.
Coincidentally, the very qualities of a good student 🙂

But apart from that, a good drum teacher will have a significant knowledge of the subject, experience and understanding in delivery to all ages, and an organised and comprehensive syllabus designed to cater to all levels of ability.

I provide the lesson below as an indication of my teaching methods.

Teaching Info

Since March 2020, I have moved exclusively to ONLINE DRUM LESSONS.

See my website for full details, including a FREE LESSON offer.


(Business hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Wednesday)

You don’t need to buy a drum kit to start, some sticks, a rebound pad, and a half dozen lessons with me, and you will know whether that’s next or not. For those students already with a kit, I can help you maximise it’s potential, with tuning for acoustic instruments, and programming for electric kits.

Students also interested in World Percussion, and or Music Technology can incorporate these “modules” with their drum set study if they wish.

I can also help school age students with their progress in that environment if necessary.

Ultimately, it is my aim to use every bit of skill and knowledge I have, to make YOU a better dummer and musician generally.

As my student, your only responsibility is to realise that it’s the work YOU do BETWEEN LESSONS that will make you the drummer you want to be.

I’m just the “coach”, you’re the one that has to “run around the oval” so to speak 🙂


(see the Testimonial page on my website)

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